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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Don't Judge The Book

This is George Parros and he is one mean guy , or at least plays one for a living. He's the Anaheim Ducks' feared 6'5" enforcer , designated to protect smaller mates and entertain the fans. He doesn't make millions like the stars do . He goes to work and beats people up , and for those who know nothing about him , George seems like a dumb barback on skates. 
But if you were right , I wouldn't be writing this. 

George Parros is not only a scrapper , but he's a very responsible player who seldom makes mistakes and is a team-first guy , a positive influence to the younger talent around him. He knows how to score goals , but that isn't his job and he knows it . He's not immature - he was the captain of his college hockey team , the school being Princeton University . That's right , this big , dumb goon has a degree in economics that he actually had to EARN. He could have had a cushy job as an executive like his pop , but he loves the game and the way he can use that to help people. 

The meanie  loves helping kids realize their dreams and if there is anything he can possibly do to help others he is first in line. He cuts his long mane once a year and donates his locks and large coin to cancer charities . Like loads of people in the spotlight , he has a clothing line . Unlike them , he doesn't bank one penny - it all goes to his favourite charities. George is always coming up with new ideas to give back because he knows how blessed he is . 

#16 is one of those athletes that still embodies the essence of professionalism. To check out what makes him tick , you can catch up with him at the LA Times website , where he frequently posts his mental nuggets. 

Class . Some guys just have it.

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  1. Very well written! George Parros Is the personification of true hockey spirit. Mean and competitive on the ice, then kind and warm to the fans off the ice. Easily one of my top favorite hockey players of all time.


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