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Friday, February 5, 2010

Scent Of A Woman?

  For those of you who thought the nutsack deodorant was a niche product , the creators of Vulva Original have raised you a few hundred. .
  According to the dudes ( Vulva is the female version of "moist" , a chick would NEVER use the word) who came ( :D) up with the concoction , "Vulva Original is NOT a perfume . It is the feminine , erotic , intimate scent for your smelling pleasure. " 
The idea is that you put the stuff on the back of your hand and fantasize while you inhale the Eau De Vijay.  I'm guessing that it would give smell-o-vision to Swedish porn or Top Chef . 
  The manufacturers claim that their precious substance is organic in nature , and I'm pretty sure I don't want to know the ingredients. But , seriously whose vagine is this based on? It's not mine nor my girlfriend's (right , honey?) . I'd HOWL if it was the inventor's mum . 
  When I think of someone who would purchase it , I envision the creepy guy on the subway who always tries to rub his bone against someone or a dude who plays World of Warcraft for 14 hours a day . (Usually one and the same) Might be because the music on the website reminds me of Doctor Who , but porn. 
  For finding yet another way for single men to waste their money on being creepy , Vulva Original gets 4 1/2 awkward erections out of 5 . 

To score your own for around 25 Euro , go to

I ripped the video from FoD , but it is a very REAL product. 

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