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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I wrote a previous blog , but the powers that be wiped it out and wasted 8 hours of my time . So , in my pissed-off state I am going to attempt to convey what the original post was about.
Here she flies.

  The Westminster Dog Show recently concluded and , as usual there were protesters . People are incensed by the companion animal overpopulation and the fact that shelter dogs are frequently euthanized while breeders continue to produce litters on a mass scale. There are indeed great mutts for people to adopt , but what most do not realize is that half of all homeless animals are purebreed , which means that they originated with a breeder . People abandon their dogs when they grow too large , when the owner dies , or when the genetic mutations rooted in inbreeding come to the surface.
  People are quick to point out the puppy mills as the bad guy , and they are abhorrent , breeding animals for barbaric testing laboratories and pet stores . But they are just supplying a demand brought about by the latest winner of "best in show", a problem created by kennel clubs and their animal exhibitions. Well meaning people purchase mutants from breeders because they think that they are doing a good thing , but they are furthering an industry that abuses living , breathing , FEELING beings before they are even BORN.

  Dogs and cats are active beings who are not going to willingly pose , prance , and preen in front of 20,000 people . They want to run and play , not sit atop boxes like ornaments. Thusly , show dogs do face more conventional forms of abuse. Food and water deprivation , physical abuse and fear-mongering , and even sexual abuse of animals is commonplace. Yes , you read that correctly , sexual abuse - in order to pacify certain breeds into staying put handlers fondle their naughty bits , and do so quite noticably. After all , there are PRIZES on the line .

  Today's animals are caricatures of their formerly regal selves , being bred for useless cosmetic traits that shorten their lives to satisfy the deity complexes of prats. All purebreed dogs and cats now come from a very small pool of ancestors and are inbred to further desirable traits . Animals who do not fit the cartoonish ideal are frequently killed shortly after birth or dumped off on the street or anonymously to shelters , as is sanctioned and often promoted by all animal fancier clubs . These "aberrations" are frequently healthier and hardier than their peers , yet are discarded because of colour or dimesion by classist quazi-nazis. Those who survive and have favourable traits are generally bred with close relatives to try and mold the "perfect" creature. It is common to find 10 or more instances in which pedigrees overlap .Pet stewards often muse about "health problems" without taking a second to think about the root cause. In order to weed out common conditions , animals are being even more closely bred with their unaffected kin , resulting in homozygous recessive traits and new genetic disorders to replace the old. Some breeds have been so inbred and linebred that they now have less than 1% of the biodiversity of their fairly recent ancestors , and under such conditions , will be bred to extinction . If this were to occur in pockets of people , consitions like Cystic Fibrosis and Huntington's Chorea would affect entire groups , and man would eventually cease to exist.

  People are concerned about genetic manipulation , be it with corn , pets , or livestock . Inbreeding of livestock has become the rule , producing larger animals , better milk producers , and fancy coloured cows. Unfortunately with this come animals with weakened immune systems , painful conditions , and grossly decreased fertility . Inbred animals have horrendous rates of stillbirth and sterility. This IS what is supposed to happen when inbreeding occurs on a mass scale. In the wild , animals seldom breed with kin . Several species expel offspring from their clans before adulthood in what could be seen as nature's way of ensuring biodiversity. Much has been speculated about inbreeding in humans of higher castes. It is thought that the 18th Pharaonic Dynasty as well as others were ended simply because the gene pool became too small and they could no longer produce heirs. Conditions like Spina Bifida were rampant amongst royals who grew to be abnormally tall due to controlled breeding. King Tutankhaman was one of the last royals of the 18th and the son of relatives . In accordance with customs of the day , he was married to his sister . All of his children were stillborn , thusly there were no little Tuts to replace their genetically-flawed father.

   One would think that people who claim to be the welfarists of breeds would want to ensure a future for their animals and would actually care about cruelty , but they do not. Current standards ensure a future of abuse by their very constitutions . According to Canadian Kennel Club protocol , members are not permitted to crossbreed and are mandated to breed their dogs with very breed-typed individuals from a small pool of dogs. They are also required to instruct new owners about the "sport" of dog breeding , producing a new cycle of amateur geneticists and professional abusers. You are required to register all puppies into the fold and can be expelled for not conforming to their vain standard. This protocol is a mirror of those all over the globe. There is not a word about the perils of inbreeding - in fact the opposite is true. Kennel Clubs are now so focused on removing the "bad" traits that inbreeding is the name of the game , and when vast sums of money are up for grabs for the "best" breeders , it has become a game in which the only losers seem to be the animals . But the thing is , we all lose when this wholesale modification becomes takes over. In a few decades , cherished working and companion breeds will be eradicated unless drastic measures are taken .
  Standards must change , outbreeding must be mandated , and barbaric animal pageantry must cease . It is already too late for some . This is the end result of eugenics - the ultimate in abuse that occurs even before conception.

  This is why man is not God.

Click Here for a pedigree chart of a dog considered the standard. Breed fanciers discuss the manipulator with admiration of his "skill" at inbreeding. This dog is related in more ways than I can get my head around.  there are brother-sister matings , a grandmother on one side is the great-grandmother on the other , and there is even a grandfather-granddaughter mating. 3 of the lines decend from one dog , and said gandfather/greatgrandfather/great-great grandfather was bred with his sister . The father of the dog is also the brother of the maternal grandmother , meaning he was mated with his neice (in 2 ways) who is his step-grandmother and cousin , among other things to produce this champion . There are oodles of other circular patterns , but my brain hurts.

Here's another one of a champion stud dog who is so inbred that his pedigree chart only goes back 4 genertations

The film's entirety can be found HERE

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