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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Crappy Birthday Kim Jong Il . Number 68 for you folks who are counting. 

  Naturally in North Korea , it is a national holiday , where the dictator gives presents to the nation's children as a break away from using them as personal slaves. The dipshit despot received endangered animals as gifts from his cronies , who were subjected to a lengthy movie about the "greatest" leader ever. 
  Rumour has it that Kim Jong Il has cancer and will likely be succeeded by his 25 year old son , ensuring a few generations of totalitarian rule. People refer to North Korea as communist , but it is loudly and proudly anything but. The Kim family hates communism just as much as capitalism - capitalism because he wouldn't have control over the money , communism because he might actually have to take care of the people. This man IS the pure essence of evil . Fuckhood Imintojihad has nothing on this dude. Like the Iranians , Kim loves the ideals of Hitler  ; unlike them , he has a position until the end of his days . Kim Jong-Il has visions of nuclear weaponry that he plans to use on the civilized , with the ideal of taking over industrialized South Korea   by force because he believes it to be the wish of the one TRUE God - his dead father . 
  The entire clan is just as delusional as their "Father of Fathers" , and while the international press may have focused energies on other things of late , Kim Jong Il is still around plotting his version of the apocalypse . 

 We in the West MUST ensure that this is the last birthday celebration for the worst humanoid alive . There are a rare few instances where I agree with the idea of forcefully removing someone from power , of forcing our wills on another nation . This is that occasion . Something has to be done about civilization's greatest threat. 

Crappy Birthday , Kim . 

A true hero is the man who puts cyanide in Kim Jong-Il's birthday cake. 

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