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Friday, February 5, 2010

Just In Time For The Big Game


  You are not imagining this  - this is a motorized beer cooler for lazy tailgaters and NASCAR fans who want to get to the head of the line fast. It's called the Cruzin Cooler because its inventor was too drunk to spell the name properly. It comes in gas or electric and tops out around 28 MPH and runs between $300 and $2000 depending on how much booze you want to pack. It is a legal ride in the majority of states as long as you wear a helmet , which none of the people in the ads are doing. Sounds pretty fun right?

  But I'm a little confused . The dude on Daily Planet said he wanted to make sure that his creation could hold 24 beers plus ice ensuring a good party. But wait a minute! It is a MOTORIZED vehicle . After consuming no more than 1/6 of the cooler's capacity even a big fesser would be legally impaired and DUI is illegal in all 50 states .(and the DofC place that everyone think is part of Maryland) A dude was recently nailed for DUI on a motorized Lazy Boy chair so I'm wondering if anyone has been arrested for Impaired Operation of a Cooler. 
  I KNOW there's nothing avant-garde about drunk driving , but could you imagine phoning your old lady from the Cop Shop after getting busted on one of these contraptions? 

This makes me wish I was a cop in South Carolina . I'd love to bust one of these ridiculous dudes. So , readers in law enforcement (I know there are a ton of you) - if you arrest someone for this , can you PLEASE  email the mugshots? 

  And kids , don't drink and drive. Especially on a camping accessory. 

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