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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hide The Banana?

  Most of us try to do things a little bit healthier than we did when we were teenagers , so it's inevitable that we will buy a can of that super-fortified protein powder stuff. After all , it has more vitamins and minerals than Centrum and according to the can , it tastes like chocolate. The problem is that the stuff tastes like CRAP . So what do you do if you are stuck with a can of this shit and don't want to waste it? My solution is to hide it in a dessert. 

You read that correctly . DESSERT. Something yummy. Something good for you. Again , YUMMY. 

Get out that Magic Bullet blender you bought from the infomercial during that particularly heinous bout of insomnia . 

Blend 1 very ripe (or semi-thawed from frozen) banana
Add 2 portions (300g total) Banana or plain dessert tofu
Fire in 2 scoops of the dreaded chocolate chalk along with 1/8 teaspoon ground cloves and 1 tablespoon sugar 
Blend well . Put in ice cream maker , sorbetiere , or tin and tada! dessert. 

For some extra sin add a couple tablespoons of softened peanut butter and as many dark chocolate chunks as you can handle  halfway through the freezing process . 

This sounds weird , but it's amazing . Besides , it's no stranger than the mammary secretions of a 500 kilo animal. 

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