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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Greatest Miss

  Most of my readers don't give a rat's ass about Canada , much less Canadian music , so if you are one of those  roll on to another post. 
  This post is about a major snafu related to one of the greatest bands to come out of your northern neighbour. If you know anything about classic rock you have heard of April Wine . After all , they have been around for 40 years , released more than 20 albums , sold tens of millions of records , and continue to rock out. They have had 21 top 40 hits and played with the Stones. Even Britney Spears has benefitted from AW's musical experiments . (Google "If You See Kay") International audiences have mad love for these boys , but they seem to not get accolades at home . 
  They are not represented on the Canadian Walk of Fame and it was only yesterday that it was announced that they would FINALLY be getting their spot in The Canadian Music Hall of Fame. While there are few members of the very exclusive Hall , bands like Loverboy and The Tragically Hip are in before April Wine. I'm confused here. Even Triumph was honoured prior to the band that made so many acts possible. 
  Yes , Myles Goodwin has something of a "reputation" (which is utter B.S. , by the way) but you cannot deny talent. I suppose it's better late than never. 
  As for the Walk of Fame , I'd consider the absence a slap in the yap. I mean such luminaries as Brendan Fraser , Kim Cattrall , Nickelback , and DSquared are on there . So are Frances Bay and Pamela Anderson.  
  So , to the powers that be , I'd like to nominate an overlooked ubergroup and the coolest babysitters ever. 

 To Peter Soumalias and Bill Ballard , I'll take a que from the band in question - Enough Is Enough. 

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  1. I think you under-estimate the musical climate here in the states. I have April Wine on my PC, and know a lot of people that love their jams. Perhaps it's Canada that did not recognize their talent. To acknowledge the U.S.A..they finally gave Ringo Starr a star on the walk of fame. Go figure.


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