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Monday, February 22, 2010

The New Face of Dissent


 Glenn Beck has "made it". He has managed to morph from a Conservative fringe rant man into the next great televangelist. As promised , Beck went on a tirade this weekend , blazing his bizarre conspiracy theories to all who would listen. 
  Conservatives now proclaim Glenn Beck and his "movement" as something "ordained by G-d".
  And he fits the profile of a man within a nanosecond of a fall from his self-proclaimed grace. Note the dye job , evangelist-tint suit , and the obvious weight gain. I didn't even KNOW that it was Glenn Beck until he opened his yap and spewed his typical divisive garbage. 
  The Republican Party has become the Christian Wingnut Party. Same goes for the Libertarians. The most right-wing Jews I know are wandering away , looking for something other than this caricature of political representation. Same goes for gays,   Muslims , and every other minority. 
  Glenn Beck is the face of what is wrong with Conservative America. He hatches conspiracies, doesn't believe global warming exists, and uses the worst human tragedies to his benefit. The former Top 40 DJ is blatantly racist, sexist, and homophobic because he knows that dissent SELLS and he wants his shot at Radical Famewhore-in-Chief. After all , he makes over $20 million a year selling a working-class ideal. Even Ron Paul supporters are getting scared of the negative publicity of this idiot. 
  Like Michael Savage and Rush Limbaugh before him, Glenn Beck is not afraid to dance on the dead to prove his point. Beck has blatantly used the 9-11 tragedy for fiduciary gain by selling his "9-12 Project" . And he uses the worst modern horror to his benefit. The very second someone refers to anything as the "******* Holocaust" , it essentially negates his entire argument. Nothing you have said in the preceding YEAR will be taken seriously by the wealthy people whose asses you so want to kiss. 
  Another little tidbit of advice for righties - if you want to be taken somewhat seriously, don't host an event sponsored by the John Birch Society. 
  Fiscal Conservatism has been hijacked by the morally bizarre, fame-seeking, and hate spewing. 

  Old Abe Lincoln must be spinning in his grave. 

As a little side note to Mr. Anti-Government . Your "free" library education wasn't. It was paid for by taxpayers. You really are your own worst enemy.


  1. LOL..spoken like a true American. ;))

  2. And the follow up critique of Olberman and Maddow wil be when??/


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