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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

No Contest

  This weekend , the best of the NBA got together for some fun . The All-Star weekend is big business and a chance for fans to interact with some of the greatest fans in sport. 
  But something was MISSING . The fan favourite known as the slam dunk contest is a mere shadow of its past . Due to a glitch in the system the only worthy man got robbed. But no offense to Demar Derozan and Nate Robinson , it sucked. These were the only 2 guys I wanted to see out of the entire field. But where were LeBron , Vince and CB4? 
When I was a kid , the stars dunked. I get that the NBA wants to "protect" its stars , but they want in and so do the fans. This year's rendition was a joke. 

Let's go back to when it was fun to watch , when the fans got VALUE for their hard-earned dollars . 

THIS is what the NBA needs to revert to. 

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