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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Great New Study Of The Week

  A recent study to be published in Pediatrics suggests something that is rather interesting. 
When parents are provided with caloric information on menus , they order takeaway meals containing considerably lower caloric contents for their kids . The meal choices made by parents given such information were more than 20% "leaner" (this IS fast crap after all) than those given identical menus minus the nutritional info. Naturally , parents' advocates cheered the idea , and corporate giants aren't digging it. Calories in fast-food meals tend to come from the cheapest sources of fat , and leaner choices from something resembling actual food so calories equal profit for those who want your kids addicted to fat. 

But have no fear corporate giants - the parents did not choose considerably leaner choices for themselves in this particular study. The difference was miniscule so mum and pop will be advertising your shittiest options to their kids so they can grow up and want that Double Heart Attack with Cheese. Cardiac surgeons will be your best mates providing "quick fixes" for the damage caused by your lardo meals at $50 000 a pop. Hey , who wouldn't want a slice of a $50 Billion-a-year pie? 
 After all , it's not like YOU are paying for it. 

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