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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Your Daily Awesome

  I'm sure most of you have heard about the cult headed by Fred Phelps and his notorious Westboro Baptist Church. For the few who haven't, they are a band of bigoted fundamentalists who think that disasters are the work of a vengeful God whom the West has pissed off by accepting Jews, liberals,  and gays into the fold as equal citizens. According to Phelps AIDS, earthquakes, and terrorist attacks all occur at the behest of this supernatural being who seems like a pretty bad dude if you listen to the preacher man.

  But something incredible happened on Tuesday. Phelps had announce that he was sending a band of his yoyos to protest the funeral of a young gent killed by a suicide bomber in Afghanistan. Returned home to be buried in Harrisonville, MO. Cpl. Jacob Carver's funeral service was held at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church. Phelps' delegation sensed an easy protest, and a real two-for-one since they dislike both Catholics and soldiers, but the good people of Harrisonville decided they wanted no part of the cult and their kind.

  Due to word of mouth and social networking, a wall of counter-protest was born. And people came, some 3000 in all, flags in hand. Bus owners filled their rigs with children and the elderly, people took their day off of work to bring their families from places far and wide, and farmers and truckers lined the roads with their vehicles. Men and women, young and old showed up. People brought service dogs and a motorcycle group braved the cold to lead the funeral procession. So many people appeared that 4 police departments came in to ensure safety and participate in this tiny locale's largest human wall.

  Then the seven protesters exited the Phelps van with their signs, beginning their "God hates fags" chants. The  mass of love and respect responded by singing God Bless America and drowning out the wingnuts with patriotic and inclusive chants of their own. Soon, the defeated hate group hopped back into their van in disgust. It was and remains a victory for love and an affirmation that non-violent protest really can work, and how.

  There is nothing one can do to bring back this brave young fellow, but the collective work done to prevent his memory from being sullied makes one joyful. Thank you, Corporal Carver, for your exemplary service. If one could award a Bronze Service Star to a town, it would most certainly go to Harrisonville, Missouri.

 In memory of Cpl. Jacob R. Carver, 101st Airborne Division; April 25, 1990- November 13, 2010


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