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Friday, October 22, 2010

Moron Of The Moment

  Actor and serial squatter Randy Quaid and his unusual wife Evi were arrested Wednesday in Vancouver's posh west side after fleeing indictment in California.
  The couple were pinched by the Vancouver Police Department before being handed over to the Canadian Border Services Agency. Randy and Evi will be kept in custody until they are eventually deported. It all sounds pretty cut and dry, except for one little thing...

  Last night, mullet-coifed bozo Duane Chapman told sent a message to the Quaids via the George Lopez Show that if they don't turn themselves over to U.S. authorities, they're in trouble. Yes, Dog and his clan of societal rejects are coming to get him! Get ready Canada to bow to the authoritaw of the almighty missing member of the Village People!

  There are just a few problems here, Dog. To begin with, Canada is a sovereign nation and you can't just march in. You are a multiply-convicted felon and aren't allowed in our country; if you were to try to push the issue, it would be you sitting in the slammer. Are you really so stupid that you think you can come into a foreign country and break someone out of a prison because of a bond? Did all that tanning fry your intracranial contents?

  I seriously hope this imbecile tries to pull off his foreign invasion jailbreak stunt and gets shot in the ass several times.

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