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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


As I reported to you before this horrendous case of Block happened, self-appointed messengers of God have declared Japan's horrifying natural disaster to be the birth pangs of the coming Messiah. Such thoughts were dismissed by the public at large, but the idea of holy revenge has become very widely circulated with quite a profound effect: Americans are donating less money to victims of the Japanese earthquake than other tragedies.

While there are a multitude of reasons why someone may seem less inclined to donate, but the influence of increasingly powerful preachers cannot be ignored. When financial and social difficulties arise, people often turn to their faith when the world they live in provides few solutions. And when a disaster such as this occurs, the idea that God may have been responsible offers an answer for personal helplessness, particularly when one has been raised to discount scientific evidence.

Never before in recent history have so many preachers so overtly exploited a tragedy to their benefit, and everyone from Tim LaHaye to Pat Robertson to the entire New Apostolic Reformation have jumped on the bandwagon. Chuck Pierce even claims that the quake was caused by his group praying on Japanese soil. Glenn Beck has also shifted blame to humans, comedians have joked about the tragedy, and even Japan's Christian minority sees God in this crisis. Combine this as a general antipathy for the Japanese over Pearl Harbor, and you have a climate where people just don't give a damn, and certainly not a dollar.

Here's a news flash, folks. According to the U.S. Geological survey, over 1.6 million earthquakes occur every year. There are between 1400 and 1500 quakes measuring 5 or above on the Richter scale each and every year. That's 4 or so per day, but some days are busier than others. (There have been 20 so far today)  A 3.3 gave Malibu, California a massage last night. There was a 4.4 where I live 2 days ago and I didn't even notice it. Earthquakes have always occurred due to shifting of tectonic plates, it's just that the world is vastly more populated than it ever was, putting more folks in harm's way. Either that or some space zombie has a perpetual case of PMS.

You decide.


  1. Tele-evangelists exploit every natural disaster, every disease outbreak, every sexual deviance, every pop culture, and every new fashion trend. As far as Americans cut back donations to Japan, for end of days hoos-pah not likely , tapped out, unemployed, burdened by huge debt more likely, Americans contribute more to charities on a yearly basis more than any other country.

  2. When I was a kid I lived in Utah, and the Boy Scouts was taken over by Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (FLDS Church). This, so called religion, practices underage polygamy, they send the boy s off on missions to divide the underage sisters among the dirty old men of the clan. Now when these underage girls get pregnant, these same dirty old men, send them to the state to get their welfare checks . You should see some of the palace homes that are paid with welfare checks (not on just one of course). By the way this is the newest religion that was created right here in United States of America, I guess their also in AZ, CA, NM, TX, NV, CO, OK. When someone hides behind religion to do or say something that is wrong we should stand up and point it out (right the wrong). Someone should ask Glenn Beck about it, he seems to have all the answers.


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