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Thursday, March 10, 2011

What's Up!

I've been a tad scarce lately, so I figured I'd pop in so those of you who may be afraid I'm in the hospital yet again will have some peace.

  Well, I'm not in the hospital- I've been working my butt off. The usual stuff to be sure, but I also decided that I need to unload some stuff from my crib. You see, in the slow season, I used to sell old books and sports memorabilia online and it made me a fairly tidy supplemental income. But now I have a TON of sports stuff kicking around and have been spending my free time uploading it. Obviously, it's not all up (that would take about 9 months) but I'm having a bit of fun. Plus, there are a lot of collectors out there who'd like to get their paws on some of my stuff.

  anywho, the site link will be at the bottom of this post for the curious. I'll figure out a promo to do for blog buddies soon. Oh, and if you're so inclined, the store is actually open. I might also add a books and antiques section in the future.

Rooferonfire's Sports Stuff

p.s. Yes, the Vachon and Ovechkin are for sale.

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