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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Media Moment : Pat Vaughn And A Song

 For those not in the know, American Family Association legal director Pat Vaughn makes his living by attempting to deprive others of their civil rights. But something very interesting occurred in the wee hours.

In a rambling defense of a hypothetical President Palin (because McCain was supposed to be teleported to Mars) and Newt Gingrich's weird Roe v. Wade rants, the AFA brain man let something slip. Watch and listen as Mr. Vaughn actually agrees with President Obama that the Full Faith and Credit clause in DOMA is unconstitutional. This is akin to Hutton Gibson saying that Jews are the loves of his life.

While one wonders how such an off-message tidbit made it to air and basks in the bewildered looks on the other two bigots' faces, it's important to not ignore this whatsoever. It is an incredibly gutsy move for a man like Pat Vaughn to state that any provision in a law that was endorsed by the people who pay his bills is unconstitutional. Even though I disagree with everything the AFA stands for, and Mr. Vaughn's personal opinions as well, I would be a jerk to not raise my glass to Pat for having the spine to tell the truth about what is legal and what is not. And he could find himself in a hot pit of lava for it.

  For you legal noobs, what he's saying is if the lady with the red wig marries her girlie in Vermont, it should be legal in New York, where she lives. This makes me feel like dancing.

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