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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

WTBlue F*ck Of The Weak

Emergency services were called to a rented house in Belleaire, Ohio on Sunday to answer a call about a nonresponsive man. And what they discovered was a nightmare.

  When the medics arrived, they found a 43 year old morbidly obese man stuck to his chair- literally. The barely-living man had been sitting in his chair for 2 years, long enough for his skin to become fused to the fabric. He was covered in filth and had serious infected sores with maggots present. The EMTs had to free the gent by cutting him out of the chair and then sawing a hole in the outside wall of the living room where he had been residing. The conditions the fellow had been living in were so deplorable that the officer who freed him to threw out his uniform

  But what's most shocking is that there were two average-looking able-bodied people living there. The man had a male housemate as well as his girlfriend living with him. The girlfriend would bring food and soda to the decrepit death chamber that was once a family room.

  Had this gent not had a medical problem, there is no telling just how long he would have been a prisoner in a barcalounger. Why the heck wouldn't the man's partner have requested intervention long before this point? Not only that, but how could anyone tolerate the stench of someone who is festering while still alive? In order to sit unwashed in a chair for two years barking commands, you need someone to obey. He wouldn't have gotten this was without his girlfriend indulging every whim. I have more questions for the woman who allowed this to continue than for the seriously mentally disordered man with the food addition.

  According to WKKX Radio, the man passed away early this afternoon.

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