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Friday, March 11, 2011

Random Thought Of The Good Kind

  I have a beautiful male cat named Dodavehu, usually called Doda, Dave, or Doodlemonkey. He is a little over 2 years old, and I keep trying to have him neutered. However, when I go to get Doda snipped, he always has some sort of thing we must treat from fighting other cats. The cheapest place will not clip him until I buy 3 days salary worth of drugs and wait 2 weeks. It isn't a freak thing or mental dealio- Dave is the rare cat who loves car rides for any reason.

  Anywho, they won't snip Dave if he has a scratch, which he always does because he doesn't spray in the house, so he must be getting feral pussy. Anywho, I was talking to a colleague about this, and she said that a male cat unaltered is just as dangerous as a female; plus, he can reproduce with more than one female. Why don't they have a program for male microlions belonging to the poor to get fixed too? Also, I was better off to use the antibiotics that I already have and go to the $300 clinic instead of the cheap one that refuses my cat all the time.

  So, I am getting my cat neutered regardless of what it costs me and you should too, if you can catch the horny fucker. But I came in intent on blogging about something silly and came up with an idea. With all the programs offering spaying of female cats, why don't we come up with one for owners of toms? Toms can create just as much havoc if they're in an area with feral females. Plus, many of the poor have disabilities that are aided by having their fuzzy companion. I know that if I have a shitty day, Dave will be there for me.

Hey, we give money for a lot of reasons, and this one may even help your fellow man. Fixing a cat enables a disabled or elderly person solace, and that is translated into fewer medical dollars spent. So, regardless of whether you are a far-right capitalist, a centrist such as myself, or a lefty who volunteers for everything, this should be a wise idea. Oh, and according to the tax laws of Canada, the US, and most of Europe, vets will be able to score a tax deduction for doing these life-saving procedures at little cost to the animals that need them.

What I'm proposing is a win overall, and I wonder how we can set up a database of vets and a donation procedure for veterinary procedure. If anyone has any ideas, I'll certainly be up for promoting something that is needed.

Hug your kids and cats.


  1. I got my cat from a local woman who takes it upon herself to catch feral cats and have them neutered/spayed and get there first vaccinations. She struck a deal with a local animal clinic to provide the service to her at minimal cost. She used to just give the cats away for free, now she asks adopters to make a small donation to help offset these costs.

  2. What you have to do is start make jewelery out of Cat testicles, if it catches on clinics will probably offer a deal, or maybe fry a few up see what they taste like, you never know things like gonad goulash or feral lobe globes maybe the next latest greatest must have.


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