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Monday, March 7, 2011

Capitalism 101

The unraveling of multiply-convicted felon Charlie Sheen is all over the news. Everyone from celebrity cheeserocket TMZ to credible outlets like ABC are enjoying the extra viewers that a personality such as Sheen can bring in. And people are tuning in in droves, with thousands joining Twitter and Ustream to get the play-by-play of all things Charlie. As for consumer products, there are posters, shirts and more of the self-professed winner's philosophy. It seems like everyone is on the drug called Charlie Sheen; and if you're in California you really can be on a drug called Charlie Sheen.

  Dispensaries all over L.A. are advertising a fairly potent strain of weed called Charlie Sheen. Even at $400 an ounce, places are having a difficult time keeping the green in stock and are asking growers to get on cultivating more. So basically, someone renamed a new strain and is making big bucks. I wonder if Charlie's getting free samples in exchange for his name. All I know is that if I'm paying $400 for an ounce of weed, they better throw in a goddess for an hour or two.

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