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Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Few Words About Rebecca Black

All weekend I've seen some Rebecca Black trending on the nets. Seems she's a singer who is being rode hard by a lot of people, from trolls to the famous. And this morning I caught a few tweets from Tommy Lee (of Methods of Mayhem, Motley Crue, and others) saying that the "dumb bitch" should be taken "out for a long swim".

Now I don't condone violence against women in any way whatsoever, so I decided to look into who Tommy figures should be drowned. Turns out that Miss Black is a 13 year old girl; a tween kid trying to take a shot at the dream. In fact, Tommy has a kid older than her. Tommy also sent her a tweet of a Twitterart character flipping her the bird.

I've seen her video. I'll admit that it seems overproduced and it really isn't my style, but I'm also not a teenager. I'm not a huge fan of the musical style that most of the young aspiring singers are being geared towards by ambitious managers and parents, and I'll freely admit it.  But this young girl is being cyberbullied by legions of adults, and that's not okay.

It is absolutely unacceptable for grown folks to threaten children simply for trying something new. Childhood is supposed to be as carefree an experience as possible. In addition to threats, several people have sent her messages telling her to get an eating disorder.  Rebecca Black's body and their vocal cords are nowhere near mature, and who knows, she could become a decent country singer when she grows up if us adults haven't stripped every last shred of her confidence.

When did we get so cruel? I mean when I was a kid, my stepdad was a mean motherfucker, but I knew he was an aberration. Our society has started to find it socially acceptable to viciously attack children, but it wasn't always so. If a 50 year old stranger went after the average kid back in the day, there would be hell to pay and rightly so. The fact that Tommy Lee went after Rebecca Black is not surprising because he is an arrogant, childish jerk but being an arrogant, childish jerk doesn't absolve someone from the responsibility of treating other human beings, particularly children, with dignity.


  1. Well me personally, I think this is staged badness, It will most likely be a hit on good morning America, and all the other morning blather talkshows, will most likely go viral on YT, Every fucking bleeding heart will be out there, spinning there rant about this poor begotten sole, bully-free america will probably make her their poster child, and then Miley sirus will give her a warm up spot on jimmy kimmel live, and bingo!!!! another marketing wizard and his crafty manager in for 20% will have once again duped the masses, as if that takes a lot to do these days anyway.

  2. People are mean. I can't imagine how her parent's must feel. Hopefully with a new song coming out she won't get more backlash.


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