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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Good Cause

  The Grevy's Zebra is the world's largest wild equid that remains alive, but it is endangered. It roams vast expanses in Kenya and Ethiopia, where some farmers consider it a pest competing for forage grasses.

Loss of habitat due to human encroachment and droughts have combined with a black market trade in skins and theft for use in circuses to reduce their numbers to less than 3,000 alive today.

  A way to protect this species is through conservation that includes habitat rehabilitation and enforcement of hunting bans. As it stands, less than one percent of the territory these wonderful creatures roam is protected.

After learning about these rare equine giants, animal lover and all-around hot mama Kelly Rae Cole decided to lend herself to the cause, quite literally. Borrowing from one of her stage names, the Dirty Zeebra transformed herself into one for a 13-month calendar with proceeds going to the Grevy's Zebra Trust. The Trust is a registered conservation organization based in Kenya dedicated to preserving the original Zebra.

Wander over here to score a calendar that is a feast for the eyes and good for the soul.

If you're in L.A. and feeling dirty, you can stop by Jumbo's Clown Room 5153 Hollywood Blvd. between 9pm and 2am and get a calendar from the Zeebra herself.

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