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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tiger Tail

  I know everyone is dog tired of the Tiger Woods saga , but this is too good to pass up. People all over are exercising judgment over the roving eyes of golfer's golden boy, and most are negative. Sponsors are dumping the legend like he drops porn stars, but it is only on our side of the pond. 
  Tag Heuer has scaled down images of Tiger of late because they figured that it would be bad publicity. And then they noticed that their sales were rising dramatically - in the world's most populous nation. You see, in China as well as some smaller nations, a man's business success is measured by his mistresses. China is experiencing nice fortune businesswise and the market for name-brand, european goods is huge. Those with the dollars don't buy knockoffs - ballers and those who aspire to be want the measure of virility and affluence. 
  Everything Tiger Woods is BLOWING UP all over a country with 4 times as many folks as the USA. 

  This Tiger will always win . 

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  1. ahhh maybe I am weird BUT I like to know that a 'celebrity' is just a normal human - able to mess up:)

    From a marketing perspective the personal life of a celeb rep wouldn't stop me from purchasing the item.

    UNLESS they say were a rep for a 'childrens product' but then again we have child tween stars dancing on poles selling grown up hooker clothing to 11 year old girls so what have ya eh ?!


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