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Monday, November 16, 2009

If You Are Weak-Stomached , Scroll Down To Another Post

 The Urban Primitive movement was essentially started as extreme piercing by The Incredible Til in the 1920's and more respectfully by Fakir Musafar in the 1950's . Fakir has taught piercing techniques to hundreds of people including the fellow who pierced my nipples (!) . Some people have gotten into suspension as a test of wills derived from ancient spiritual practices , and if that's your deal , so be it . But there is one thing I cannot get my brain around - extreme genital modification .
Back in the day , Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black lead singer Kembra Pfaler temporarily sewed her lady bits shut onstage to protest invasion into female reproductive rights , and I can kind of see the point to that . But what I'm talking about is a rare subset of primarily straight men who get their dicks totally bisected (yup , split in two) , and there are a few forms of it . It arose from The Incredible Til and although related to a rare primitive practice known as subincision  , it is an extreme extension with no real historical basis. People do it to be extreme or connect with their female side or whatnot . 
I cannot THINK of what would make a  dude hate his dick so much to cut it in half or put a fuckin donut through it . That escapes me entirely . I mean , if you hate it so much , why not just go all the way and get a vijay instead of having a pecker that looks like crab claws?
Another thing is that a good many bisections and castrations are performed by people other than medical doctors . Just exactly how much fuckin Meth would someone have to consume to think that letting such a person mutilate them permanently is a good idea? 3 dudes in North Carolina were arrested for doing this to people on a not-so-sterile mountain top.

I would like to meet a dude who has had this done to get an explanation because from the outside world , it just seems so epically fucked up that I cannot comprehend the amount of self-hatred required to do this voluntarily .  Looking into this , I discovered that there are people who have all different kinds of body parts REMOVED for no real reason at all than the persons must be extremely disturbed.

And how do you word the questions to ask such an individual? "Um , excuse me Mr. Nutless sack , but why on Earth would you want to cook and eat your own balls?" ; "What kind of mental disorder do you have that would make you want to cut off your own hand?" ; "OK dude , seriously . Why the fuck would you want to turn your dick inside out?"

As I grow older it seems to me that some people need to be saved from THEMSELVES. don't give me the consent issue here - if you chop off your body parts and you aren't  transgendered or whatnot , you need to be hospitalized until you figure out why you hate yourself so much .
It's that simple.

The man above self-amputated the fingers and toes of one hand gradually with a guillotine , then his hand , foot , and most of his netherregions and then lost his leg and other foot in a car accident . Apparently , there is even a new PC term for such people . Yes , I know . Strange.

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