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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Your Tax Dollars Hard At Work

  This is John Ditullio and he's a Nazi . (I know , you are extremely shocked by my assumption)  He's proud enough of his bigotry that he is covered in racist and aryan gang tattoos . Overwhelming evidence points to the fact that he killed a 17 year old kid he thought was gay and tried to kill a neighbour because she had black friends . He's such a douchebag that even the other skinheads are testifying against him . If fuckface is convicted , he'll probably ride the lightning . 

   In an effort to give this dude a "fair" trial , the judge has ordered Florida taxpayers to pony up $150 per day to have a makeup artist cover up his ink because it might "prejudice" the jury. Now I might live in a dreamland , but I'm pretty sure that people are NOT born with 15 centimetre  swastikas on their necks . Hypothetically speaking , if YOU were on trial for several hate crimes , would you get a bunch of skinhead symbols and racist words permanently emblazoned on YOUR melon? 

  John Ditullio CHOSE to kill in the name of Hitler , CHOSE to send the father of his victim a card wishing him among other things a "Merry Faggot Christmas" , and CHOSE to get the motive for his crimes permanently etched on his body . Nobody did any of this but he alone and he's not the least bit sorry . 

  It's not about the amount of money so much as the point - the ink is fundamental to establishing what a fuckwad this guy is . Also , if he feels genuinely harmed by his own stupidity , he shouldn't have been inked in the first place , but since he has should have to foot the bill for the cover up job . Besides , those make-up skills will come in very handy since he's in a prison full of big black dudes who are likely more than willing to make Ditullio their bitch . 

  I hope the makeup artist is a flaming gay dude. 

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  1. theresa "firelass"December 13, 2009 at 4:15 PM

    This asshat extraordinaire is in my neck o the woods..and my hard earned tax dollars are some of the ones being used to pay for the make-up artist to come in every day and cover up the outward evidence of his hate..lovely..
    What's remarkable to me is that this weekend they declared a mistrial. He gave testimony reference his rough life, his deep longing to fit in, and his abuse at the hands of his gang-member buddies. He testified that he believed he was framed, and that he regretted the evil "I hope you miss your gay son" Christmass greeting that he sent the victims father the Christmas after the murder. He apparently sent it beacause he was hurt that the family of th evictim would think him guilty of such a heinous crime.
    This would all almost be laughable if the idiot jurors hdn't apparently bought his defense, at least to a degree. Now we get to pay more fees for his lawyers, make up artists, and apparently testimony writing staff and th efamily gets to wait that much longer for justice..what a great system.


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