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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What CAN You Do Today?

I'm just going to say it.

   I didn't know Kelly Reid, but I know she has an effect on a ton of people. The universal wonderfulness of those people speaks to her spirit. She has absolutely morphed at least one human being I know into being the real real.  She passed away recently, just a year after her brother and nephew left the planet. Not only is this an emotional moment, but a large financial strain on a family that has gone through way too much.

So yeah, I'm going to ask for a little Santa Claus help.

 You folks know I don't do the holidays, but I'll get the season on for the wee ones.  Let'd deliver some holiday joy to a family who deserves it.

  Kelly has an awesome daughter named Kaitlyn who never thought she'd have to ask Santa Claus to bury her mum. Let's be Santa and provide a proper girl a burial for an amazing kid's mum. If we get a few extra bucks,  maybe a sack of Legos and Barbies.

Let's get it DONE HERE <--- For more info

Send Paypal donations to

Thank you awesome beings. Let's play Santa.

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