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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Arrividerci Asshole

This is Canadian Ryan Jenkins and he killed himself today after being sought for brutally murdering his ex-wife after he had stalked and terrorized her for not returning his "affections" . This scumbag beat out all of her teeth , killed her and then cut off her fingers and hid her in a dumpster in a seedy side of Los Angeles in the hopes that he would get away with it , and then ran like the coward he was.
He had been cast on a pseudo-reality dating show and if VH1 had done their homework , they would have realized that he had already been convicted in Canada of beating on an ex-girlfriend of his prior to billing him as a lothario .

The clean-cut man walked across the Washington - British Columbia border to avoid detection and holed up in a hotel . When the writing was on the wall , he hanged himself .

I was going to sound off about how selfish and cowardly he was , but his actions speak for themselves . Sure , we don't get to give him our brand of justice , but he was incorrigible and probably would have done something horrendous after his 25 years in the bucket . And in these trying times , he has saved 2 nations millions of dollars . For someone who lived a superficial life , we CAN and should trivialize his demise .
He removed a woman from the human experience and killed himself in mental terror .

Good riddance.

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  1. May he toss and turn in hell for eternity!


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