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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Thank You

To my coworker , Shane Bell for keeping something like this from occurring today . He saw a fire in the making and called into action a plan to stop it before any damage could harm people or property . We were torching fire-resistant roofing near very old cedar shakes that are to be removed tomorrow that were old , brittle , mossy and easily incinerated - people use this stuff to start campfires with a single match - and one ignited . The membrane we use is the best and is very fire-retardant , however , it is often wooden decks or existing older structures that will go . It is highly likely that I started this near-accident . I have never come so close to damaging anything in my time in the trade . There are often jokes that you aren't a real roofer until something like this wakes you up , and I am certainly more alert for a lifetime after this .
To play with fire , you must know how to extinguish one and as much as we tease and cajole this young man , he's the real deal .

Semper Roof


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