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Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Big Time Out

One of the greatest things about living in British Columbia is the beauty of the landscape . Vancouver Island is truly the most magnificent place on the planet - a mere drive to work can stop your heart for a few seconds . It is this magic that draws some of the most amazing talent from all over the country and even the other end of the Globe to our wondrous land , and THEY treat us like royalty simply because they feel blessed to be able to touch this vision from God . I had the chance to enjoy some of the finest talent on the planet in an obscure wee town north of me , a bounty of talent , bands that all played their hearts out and hung with the locals . There were zero slackers , no pretense , no airs - simply grateful people normally idolized but almost put in their place by the obvious presence of something greater than themselves and they killed it well into the wee hours .
The whole experience was nearly marred by the fact that my companions were a warring couple , but NOTHING could have destroyed this .

Enjoy these clips and you'll see what I mean .

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