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Friday, August 7, 2009

WTBlueFUCK Of The Weak

... I KNOW that parents are getting increasingly paranoid about allowing their young to use el crapuletta in public spaces because of the imminent threat of creepazoid NAMbLA tools and Perez , but seriously , this micro is using a POTTY in a dining hall ! Yup , microman is dropped-trou and loafin' right in the room !
O.K. , could ma or pop not tear themselves away from the $8 Smorgasbord and $2 Miller High Lifes to take this poor soul to the John (or Jane) with supervision?! I mean , they obviously thought out their laziness to the point of bringing a porta-craphole to the unfortunate establishment .
And as for some other things ... #1 : Sonny boy looks too old to be using a portapoo and #2 : Can you IMAGINE the emotional SCARS left on this micro for being required to poo in view? I mean this shit is private .

Poor lad.

Parental FAIL .

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