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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Fish Out Of Water

I understand what it's like to be queer and misunderstood via religiosity . I do believe that G-d made me the way I am , that I am a spiritual entity as we all are . I have been beaten , raped , and nearly killed because of people's perceptions of what is morally correct . I have been committed to horrifying psychiatric treatments , kicked out of my high school and abandoned by some of those closest to me . I have had friends murdered by friends , strangers , and even their own relatives due to misunderstanding of the Divine plan for us all . Man created religion , but only after G-d created the spirit , and thusly , I virtually command you do watch the trailer for the new flick Fish Out Of Water HERE . It's new and more than worth your time . Also do check out my columns about hatred and decide for yourself what is right and wrong and if you would damn your own brother , father , sister , mother or child to a life devoid of your presence simply because of man-interpreted belief .
If it was your child ... what would you do?

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