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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Bill Maher - Misery For Sale

Bill Maher hosts talk shows and claims to be a comedian and because he's not nearly as clever or intellectually-gifted as he thinks he is , he targets religion and those who believe when he takes time away from demeaning women , whom he vilifies with frequency . (Don't get me started on his over hatred of children) In fact , if you don't agree with him entirely , he just has no time for you . He has been in the public eye long enough that he actually believes in the myth of his own intellectual superiority and to fail to be a sycophant will subject your ideas and ideals to ridicule by this pathetic little man . I know it's easy to pick on George W. Bush being religious , but about a MILLION other comedians kind of beat Bill to the chase in cutting Georgie up . In Bill Maher's flick "Religulous" , Bill essentially ridicules faithful people and religion and argues with people like a child while claiming that his view are most rational without offering proof of his suppositions . His few truths and legitimate questions seem entirely ripped from "The God Who Wasn't There" , in which the Director does offer an intelligent rebuttal to the Christ story . Maher's take offers a nice dose of mediocre comedy and he's riding the success by appearing on talk shows and hosting like-minded atheists like the self-obsessed insecure little famewhore he is . Maher doesn't know whether or not a higher power exists , but he's absolutely CERTAIN that your God , or my God , or the neighbour's God just doesn't meet his exacting standards .
Now call me a stupid little believer , but doesn't Maher's inflexible dogmatism and overt narcissism remind one a wee bit of the same religious zealots that he claims are evil ?
What it boils down to is that Bill Maher deals in misery - he hates all people who don't serve is needs and anything that provides hope to human beings that he already feels intellectually and socially superior to simply because he plagiarized a few lucky breaks . He really doesn't care about health care for the little guy or education - he openly despises children - he cares about ratings . Dissidence equals dollars and Billy will always find SOMETHING to whine about to make his dime . I find it someone puzzling that this twat preaches against psychotropic medication since he also seems against people experiencing any form of joy without his express written consent .

It's truly sad when the youth of a continent look up to a douchebag like Bill Maher for guidance because we've neglected to raise our kids .

People , you can offer an intelligent rebuttal to Bill Maher without beginning the Apocalypse. Why worry what he thinks when it's painfully obvious that he doesn't give a flaming shit what anyone outside of his Inner Rectum thinks.

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  1. The Bill Mayers of the world are fabricated and cemented in their belief of superiority when they first shake an angry fist at the sky, and then subsequently boast that no retribution was forthcoming, so therefore there is no God. But that being said, who can blame them, when as comedians looking for material they stumble upon the buffoonery of the American fundamentalist Christians in all their amazing flavors of lunacy. To the rest, I couldn't top the excellent and well written commentary already presented by you.


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