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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Truth Is Stranger Than Science Fiction

Bernie Madoff is a douchebag who will most likely die behind bars and he should . There has been much made about him swindling the wealthy , but he also banrkupted children's organizations and hospitals . Like Ponzi himself , he generally preyed on people of his own ethnic group , but made millions off of others who wanted to be part of a "sure thing." He single-handedly destroyed the disability and retirement funds of thousands of hard-working people , but he gets to have buddies like Larry Levine .

Larry Levine is a "prison consultant" that tries to get robbers in Armani to have a much more fun time in the bucket . He was a scumbag in a suit himself and doesn't really believe that what he or any of the other swindlers did and do is all that reprehensible and now defrauds other scumbags by selling his "sage advice."
All one needs to do is take one quick glance at Mr. Levine to notice that he looks like he eats gangsters' livers for breakfast . I'm fairly certain that in a Federal lockup there are HUNDREDS of guys you would want to pick on instead of a papa that looks like he could go a few rounds with Bill Goldberg .

Want a prison survival tip ? Be born as big of a cat as Larry Levine . Oh , and you Wall Street sissies who are PAYING this dude .....



  1. Loved ur comments. But at least I'm turning an honest buck asshole. If you'd done ur homework instead of talking shit, you'd have found out that I turned Bernie Madoff down for help. Anytime you want to discuss this with me, feel free to call. 888.558.2151

    Larry Levine

  2. You offered your advice on MSNBC - he didn't even have to pay you for it. They do get television access in the prison he is in .
    And what makes him any different from the scum you represent every day? Is it his notoriety and the fact that publicly associating with him would sink your ship?
    That said , I'm certain that someone of similar ilk to yourself has "consulted" Madoff and his co-conspirators .
    While you make money swindling the swindlers , I reserve the right to make fun of the peculiarity of it all .


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