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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Greatness CAN Be Measured

The greatest-grandaddy to the right is none other than Les Paul at the spry age of 92 years , 5 months , and there is nothing wrong with he or his bands of geriatric awesome daddies - I challenge 4 micropapas toTRY to TOUCH some of this light without using a Les Paul guitar lick somewhere . They CAN'T and neither can any of you . So what we must offer is thanks to this amazing gent , a man of toughness and grace , ingenuity and spirit , the proof that ANYONE , no matter how humble can attain history-altering greatness.
Les Paul didn't invent Jazz or Blues , but would contemporary artists be the same without him? It wasn't his immense skills nor the guitars that bear his name that made him , it was his imagination . There is his essence in every sweet guitar lick , overdub or tricky beat you will hear to this day - there is no noise genre left untouched by this man's innovative spirit . He paid no mind to a man's colour of skin , but the radiance of his soul and was embraced by the toughest Jazz cats who saw beyond this hillbilly's exterior and welcomed him into the fold.
He could have given up after an accident nearly paralyzed his right arm , but instead had it fused into a permanent guitarist's pose so he could jump head-first into a world he had no idea he would create . He is now gone from our world into the only one befitting a man of elegance and fortitude - now he'll be God's mixmaster and the serenader of the angels .

Thank you sir your 94 years with us and your eternity in our memories . If one could quantify greatness , it would be measured in degrees of Lester William Paul.


  1. A great tribute to a worthy man.

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