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Monday, August 31, 2009

What Is Real? Meet Whitney.

Studio Fred advertises this woman on funny Or Die as being Kate Faber and thusly this video has gone viral . On their main site they seem incredibly impressed that the video has been picked up and spread as fact by dozens of mainstream and gossip sites without verifying it .
You see , Kate was the lady that Kobe Bryant was accused of violating in a litany of ways and eventually paid millions of dollars to keep her quiet .
This stain is Whitney Teubner and she's a student at CSU-LA and no doubt a Kobe Bryant fan . Whether or not the real Kate authorized this is up in the air as it has been out for months and she isn't saying if she approves or not. It IS , however , safe to say that the real person IS the type to sue someone so I'm wondering if litigation has crossed her mind or if she thinks this is funny.
Either way , in her quest for 15 minutes , Whitney Teubner has managed to ridicule and trivialize one of the most horrifying experiences a human can endure .
But WHY were millions of people fooled into believing that this could possibly be the real deal? Is it that nobody wants to believe that their hero could REALLY be a monster , that women are all secret gold diggers and whores , or that we are really willing to suspend disbelief that easily ? Why is it that women hate other women more than even the vilest man ever could ?
Ms. Teubner is a jealous , twisted , and entirely unfunny little girl , and IF Katelyn Faber approved of this travesty , then so is she .
Oh , and Studio Fred should stop titling this as being the "Kate Faber" on F.O.D.

BTW , the video has an incredibly LOW haha rating .

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