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Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Salted Nut Bar?

People collect for varying reasons - be it nostalgia , information , or investment potential , and I'm not generally what would be referred to as the judgmental type of person when it comes to what might be the apple of someone's eye . I collect old medical textbooks , hockey cards , maps , and other curious items . In my home you will find Catalogues from the 1920's , Dead Kennedys shirts from the 80's and even a first edition copy of Dr. Zhivago , but not what you see here.

It's SALT . A vietnam-era wee packet of sodium chloride , likely a solid lump . People collect these things and I have no idea why . It's not pretty nor displayable , will likely have no resale value , and will likely wind up in a drawer somewhere or be eaten by a curious or dehydrated pet .
I'm very curious to find out what type of person collects this , and why . To the average person , it seems a tad odd and purposeless really but since these things frequently sell on EBay I'd like to know .

Because to me it's just SALT.

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