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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

PETA and YOUR Best Friend

People think they are doing a great thing by lending their financial and representative support to PETA , but if you really believe in saving the lives of all animals , don't support PETA . PETA advocates the genocide of many dog breeds and wants to end animal companionship entirely . I know what you are thinking - THEY are the keepers of the animals , the positive stewards , the role models , but what if I told you that they wanted to kill YOUR best friend ? Despite the fact that they frequently use Bulldogs in their ads , their President , Ingrid Newkirk publicly promotes the euthanisation of ALL rescued Pits , Staffordshire Bull Terriers , Mastiffs , English Bulldogs , Ridgebacks ,Rottweilers , Doberman Pinschers and crosses REGARDLESS OF TEMPERAMENT OR ADOPTION POSSIBILITY . She even wants to exterminate dogs exhibiting "bulldog" characteristics ALL BECAUSE she was bitten after tormenting a terrified , abused animal . But , here's Ingrid's own words :

People have no idea that at many animal shelters across the country, any "pit bull" who comes through the front door goes out the back door -- in a body bag...This news shocks and outrages the compassionate dog-lover. ..Here's another shocker: People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, the very people who are trying to get you to denounce the killing of chickens for the table, foxes for fur, or frogs for dissection, supports the pit bull policy..."

Those who argue against the euthanasia policy for pit bull dogs are naive.

I have scars on my leg and arm from my own encounter with a pit. Many are loving and will kiss on sight, but many are unpredictable.

People who genuinely care about dogs won't be affected by a ban on pits. They can go to the shelter and save one of the countless other breeds and lovable mutts sitting on death row through no fault of their own."

Ingrid Newkirk is completely hypocritical! She is also a complete and utter liar - PETA's own "shelter" murders over 90% of the animals surrendered - dogs , cats , rabbits , birds , and even reptiles and they support breed bans in an effort to eradicate ANY form of animal husbandry - they have worked to get rid of service animals for the challenged and elderly and companions of shut-ins . PETA's old pal Peter Singer wants to phase out CAT stewardship entirely - not just overbreeding and kitten mills - he wants companion cats eliminated from the planet .

I grew up around the much maligned Staffordshire Bull Terrier . These dogs were my friends until BSL . Many of my coworkers have these wonderful dogs in their homes - around their kids , elderly parents , cats and other dogs and they are valued members of their families . These were the most popular family dogs 100 years back for a reason and are frequently retrained as rescue dogs and Police service dogs . Remember the dog in the Little Rascals? That ball of goo was one . The fact is that a child is over 100 times more likely to be killed it's own mother than all breeds of dogs combined . You are 10 ,000 times more likely to die via firearm than Pit Bull . Seriously , what should scare you more?

According to breed bans , Pit Bulls , Stafforshire Bull Terriers and Bulldogs as well as dogs "exhibiting characteristics of a "Bully" breed" are banned , but what about your buddy? Well , if he or she is on this list , they could be coming for your dog next :
Rottweiler - Doberman Pinscher - Boston Terrier - Shar Pei - German Shepherd Dog - Belgian Malinois - Siberian Husky - Alaskan Malamute - Great Dane - Irish Wolf Hound - Scottish Deer Hound - Bouvier des Flandres - Mastiff (Bull ,English , Neopolitan , Italian , Tibetan , Spanish , etc) - Boerboel - American and English Bulldogs - Akita - Chow chow - Tosa Inu - Presa Canario - Dogo Argentino - Bull Terrier - Wolf/Hybrid - Canary Dog - Boxer - Perro de Presa - Old Country Bulldog - Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog - Fila Brasileiro - Newfoundland - Anatolian Shepherd - Greater Swiss Mountain Dog - Great Pyrenees - Komondor - Kuvaz - Saint Bernard - Dogue des Bordeauxs - Akbash - Leonberger - Otterhound - Rhodesian Ridgeback - Japanese Tosa - Corgi . I've heard reports that Pugs may be banned in some major cities .

BSL is even more proof that PETA is an insult to vegetarians and animal lovers everywhere!


  1. Well, in between fryng up some chicken for dinner, swatting a few flies, and ordering me some of those beef jerky business cards, I may just have to write a "lady, you are and asshat" letter to this Ingrid Newkirk broad.
    She's like the idiots in Germany who advocated euthanasia for the baby polar bear,Knute,just cause he didn't have a mama.They are all off their nut!
    Don't get me wrong. I love animals,hate fur coats, try to buy dolphin safe tuna,and cruelty free products,etc.. but this is too much. Does she feel my snappy 4 lb chihuahua should be euthanized too? Cause I'll smack a bitch.
    People need to stop and think..these animals are the products of the owners/breeders. We need to be more aggressive in prosecuting and punishing puppy mills, dog fighters, etc. That, and better public education are the solution, not the complete eradication of multiple breeds of dogs. Jeezus!

  2. It just seems so hypocritical to me. I think PETA is all about money and power.

  3. Add Bernese Mountain Dog to the list

  4. I've always hated PETA. Not only because they're incredibly hypocritical and naive in terms of their "ending domestic pets" kick, but because they create brainless zealots as well.
    Great entry. More people should know what PETA is up to behind closed doors.


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