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Monday, August 3, 2009

Hate By Any Other Name

Some things are so reprehensible that it is difficult to find the words for it and I have touched upon it before . While South Africa seems so foreign to us , the concept of "corrective rape" should never be . I happens here as I know all too well , and depending on my comfort level , I may delve into the personal aspect at a later time .

In South Africa , 54 000 women are victimized annually and it is entirely justified by their misogynistic culture . It crosses all ethnic boundaries and even the siblings and children are raped and murdered , or left to live shortened lives after being horribly abused by HIV-positive jerkoffs . National Soccer hero Eudy Simelane was raped and murdered by a gang of these bastards and many of them rove in packs , with a hierarchal structure , and compete for numbers of women they have "fixed" . It is the belief of people like this that all the woman needs is one good fuck from a man and she'll be fixed , and even here , people hear such comments daily while attempting to live out their lives in a positive manner .

How the FUCK is raping someone supposed to "fix" something innate or bring about a positive view of men in any sort of fashion? The logic is so ridiculously flawed but well supported and promoted in pornography where 2 mamas will be going at it until Mr. Dick comes in to "save the day" . Asinine logic like this is exactly why rapes of obviously gay women are seldom prosecuted and the conviction rate is microscopic even in North America with our hate crimes statutes , it is never prosecuted as a hate crime because the victims are women .

And you thought that gay men got the worst bashings - sorry , boys , you are dead wrong .


  1. i dont want to sound heartless in any way because thats not how Im meaning it at all...but don't you think its a little different then saying u or I got raped? I myself have been raped before, I know how it goes, but its a surprise to us. Living in a country like that, as children they know what to expect right? Obviously if they get out of line they know that they will be raped. Its still a horrible thing, I don't wish it on anyone. And it definitly needs to be taken care of... I just wanted to know if u thought it was possibly different then how I felt when it happened to me?

  2. I was in the same position for the same reason . I was 17 . Was it because I was "out of line"?
    you tell me.


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