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Monday, August 31, 2009

O.K. , Ladies .....

The NFL pre-season is underway , which means NFL fan season is also underway .
Yes , ladies (or a few unlucky fellas) , your man is gonna gain 20 pounds in wings and beer and paint some convicted felon's number on his moobs and display it to the world.

And it's always the larger , ruddy-looking white dudes and not his buff-looking pals who do this . And they are Eagles or Cowboys fans .

Always .

If your man satisfies these conditions , keep a close eye on him .

It's violence we CAN stop.

Thank You.


  1. The one good thing i can say about my house partner is he does NOT exhibit typical male testosterone induced need for chicken wings and half neked male bonding.but then again i think he may have flatlined months ago :/

  2. Oh hit it, but you really gotta include Steelers (I know one who keeps a year round Steelers shrine in his living room)fans, Greenbay's Cheeseheads (I would kill myself before wearing one of those hats),and Browns fans(they also bring batteries to throw at people).
    I also live in Florida, so we get a pretty good dose of crazy college fans too cheering for the Gators and Noles. And you don't even want to be here for the Florida/Georgia game..insanity,lol.
    But, all that said, I kinda love it...the characters you see at games and tailgating give it all spirit and personality.
    We gotta guy that comes to the Rays(I know, not football) games, calls himself the "Cowbell Kid"..wears a blu fro, dresses head to toe in Rays gear, and puts on his own Rays support rally in the stands..where else you gonna get that?
    You gotta love these guys; I do,even if it means I need therapy

  3. You do , but do you want to be the embarassed wife who is sometimes hiding nearby :)

  4. puhleez...mine is a Nascar guy...they have their own brand of crazy,lol.On vacays, we try to squeeze in visits to racetracks even.I say let them have their fun, and besides, if the non sports loving spouse has guys like this to laugh at maybe it makes the "sports widow" season a little easier to bear.


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