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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Silver Shards of Satan

We periodically install this horrifying product called DensDeck . What it is is chemically-treated GypRock with fibreglass mats on the FACE , right where you handle it . If you go on Georgia-Pacific's website they explain all of the wonderful product features , such as fire resistance , uplift advantages and the like . What they fail to inform the consumer is that your employees will want nothing to do with handling this abominable board . it is heavy , and contains so much glass , that it can cause airway restriction and it's tiny shards imbed themselves into the victims' skin and eyes and are nearly impossible to remove . eEven after a lengthy shower , I feel like I dry-humped a legion of porcupines . My skin is peeling , I have a horrendous rash , and my throat is clogged . NOBODY on our crew wanted to be near this evil product . It is the construction version of that annoying kid at school who picks his nose all the time .
If G-P is interested in increasing sales , they should come up with something installer friendly , but for now DensDeck ...


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