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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Put Your Brain Where Your Hashtag Is

Exactly 3 years ago , Hamas sympathizers entered Israel and kidnapped a 19 year-old army conscript and murdered 2 of his buddies . They are holding him until Israel releases all female terrorists plus 1300 Hamas , Fatah , Islamic Jihad and Hizbollah fuckwads and well , nobody really gives a shit . Israel even offered up 1000 less harmful idiots up on the condition of his release (they have done this numerous times in numerous ways ) , but because it didn't include Hamas' 450 (the number keeps increasing too) chosen assholes , they are likely going to let this kid die , and Obama doesn't give a flying fuck because he is too busy trying to come to a grand "peaceful" resolution to things that actually concern him , like the "horrible" situation of those "oppressed" Palis .... he's bargaining with proven terrorists , sympathizing with trash , and nobody cares because he's Barack . And this kid and a whole lot more kids are gonna fucking die for it . These are the same exact douchebags that the Iranian government is hiring to beat on women and children because most Persian men wouldn't lay a finger on a woman . That's right , boys and girls , Fuckhood Imintojihad has to import shitheads and he gets them from "Palestine" and Lebanon - the same motherfucking places all you uninformed hippie bozos ally yourselves with . Horrible things are happening to innocent cats in Iran and you whiny ignorant sissies are allying yourselves with the suppliers of aggressive oppresion . Think about that for a wee fucking second...
I am specifically boycotting Toronto's Gay Pride weekend because of the fact that terrorist sympathizer attorney and his "Queers Against Israeli Apartheid" are running the million-lefty show and I really don't feel like getting frogstomped by an army of vodka-soaked idiots who would love nothing more than to see every decent Jew wiped off the planet because El-Farouk Khaki uses a word like "Apartheid" as a weapon equivalent to yelling "Zionist!" in Mecca .
It's the Israelis who have been trying to keep the peace , but you can't bargain with terrorists who've been at it for 1200 years. By the way , QAIA , Israel has been a safe haven for queer kids to escape these Sharia-law countries and still is .

As a little sidenote , Obama just sent an Ambassador to go over and kiss SYRIA'S ass . You have GOT TO BE KIDDING ME???!!! I am "this close" to believing that the Republicans tanked the election on purpose , but I don't think they are really that smart ...or ARE they...?

Before you trash me , put down your bong and read up on it. I'm particularly pissed off today and not the most eloquent but every iota of this is not just my truth , but is documented FACT. If it still offends you , use the voice you were working to deprive others of by your previous inactions - you have freedom here.

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  1. It's about time that someone isn't afraid to point some of this stuff out. I agree Pres Obama's attitude and approach to the Middle East is Bullsh**.
    Kissing the asses of terrorists and countries that support terrorist regimes is beyond my comprehension.
    He seems to think he's being all hardcore by disinviting the Iranians to the White House 4th of July shindig,meanwhile innocent people are dying left and right, while he betrays one of our strongest and most faithful allies. We need to stand up for Israel rather than abandon them, which in my opinion is the direction Obama seems to be heading.
    Regarding Iran,I still have some concerns about Mousavi, but as an American,I feel like it's our President's responsibilty to speak out for the people of Iran. Instead, as you pointed out, he hops in bed with Syria, and seems to want to cozy up to the Palestinians as well.
    Syria, by the by,isn't just bad 'cause they have sent thugs to Iran, it's a country that had direct ties to 911, helping finance that and many other terrorist attacks, they harbor terrorists, launder money, supply arms,etc. Quite frankly that is where I think we should have struck militarily instead of Iraq.
    I hope this isn't the change that people hoped for 'cause it is going to be disastrous, not only for this brave young soldier, but for the people of Israel, the innocent people throughout the Middle East, and ultimately for the rest of the free world as we will probably begin to see more attack here in the west again.


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