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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Iran has fraudulently claimed to be a democratic nation . They have hijacked the popular vote and people are pissed off , and have every right to peacefully protest . The Iranian government has countered with sanctions against the media and it's populace .
Let's tell you a wee bit about Iran . Iran is an Islamic Republic meaning , in essence that it has an elected President , but it actually influenced by someone else . The Supreme Leader of Iran is always an Islamic cleric , in this case former President Ayatollah Ali Khamenei , a close pal of the previous Ayatollah and one of the main cogs during the Islamic Revolution . A new Ayatollah is voted in by a panel of 86 radical clerics and serves for life . The peculiar part is that the Iranian Constitution requires a new Supreme Leader to be a marja - yes , the "Ayatollah" is not even a real Ayatollah . While he claims to be separate from the political spectrum , his rulings have certainly shaped life in present-day Iran . Those Iranian ladies protesting without hijabs are either foreign or risking their freedom . Since Mohammed married his favourite bride when she was 6 , Iranian girls are required to be covered from that age . Noticing the westernization of his country's women , he has taken command of the regular police force and stepped up arrests of women and girls in violation of his antiquated modesty standards . Criticizing him is considered a his crime . However , with the exception of prohibitions of overt homosexuality (not to be confused with transsexuality - the state pays for gender-reassignment procedures.) and uncovered ladies , this Ayatollah seems to be a positive influence . When Fuckhood Imintojihad praises attacks on others , he points out that peaceful Muslims should never wish anyone to die and has repeatedly called Mahmood on his bullshit and even issued a Fatwa against the production of nuclear warfare for ANY purpose . He recognizes the Holocaust as a historical reality and is a visible opponent of the west giving financial aid to despots and dictators . He is a conservative hardliner by name but openly supports stem-cell research and other scientific innovations . In other words , he is a diverse dude .
I am never in favour of non-democratic leadership of nations , but we should turn our focus back to the REAL despots and let Iran govern itself . Mahmood will NEVER be allowed to attack a foreign nation under the watch of the west , let alone under the watch of the real boss .

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