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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Attn Vancouver - Find This Man!!!

This guy's name is Richard David Barker and he is seriously mentally ill . The Edmonton psychiatric facility made the braincramp of the year by allowing him on a field trip , despite the fact he has been committed for less than a year and his offences were violent . the geniuses overseeing him left the keys inside a hospital van , and , guess what ? - he stole it and he is running .

This man is one of the rare violent type schizophrenics , and the voices in his head like to carjack and randomly assault people . In a span of less than 10 hours last year he committed 2 carjackings and attempted 9 more - in one instance he drove a vehicle away with a kid inside and also beat up a 75 year-old man in another incident . When this dude is not medicated he will randomly attack people .
He was last seen in Calgary but is most likely in Vancouver . He's only 5'8" and quite thin and sticks out in a crowd . If you see him , call the cops

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