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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Get Your Head Around This

Glenn Beck hosts some pretty controversial cats . Generally far right-wing , he and his pals spout some ridiculous fallacies much in the way of an old propaganda machine . He is anti-abortion , anti-woman and racist . He is an alarmist who preaches that the end is near if we don't adopt super Conservatism and has a very open racist hatred of Barack Obama and other black politicians yet points his finger at others he deems as bigoted . Like most of those in the employ of Fox News , he spouts pseudoChristian-centred divisive rhetoric and then condemns those who commit crimes in the name of their Gods . For all intents and purposes , he is a highly educated moron .
But one of his more recent views is out of the ballpark , even for him . I couldn't get all of his peculiar interviews , but I have a lovely snippet where he and one of his buddies calls racism a left-wing idea . According to him , Hitler was a lefty and therefore anyone who is not of the hard right view is akin to a Nazi . I titled this blog as such because it is really hard to get your head around . He goes so far as to blame Obama's "socialistic" policies for the recent Holocaust museum shooting . According to Beck , white supremacists are all a bunch of Commies , which must come as news to the peckerwoods since they spend their leisure time insulting and assaulting not only ethnic minorities , but also socialists and union members - I mean their hero murdered millions of people under the guise that they were all secretive commies . Glenn Beck has sunk to a hypocritical new low and packaged it as patriotism . In this latest ball of shit , he has managed to alienate his target peckerwood audience by comparing them with liberals . Only a true idiot would lump their market in with whom they despise . Bravo , Glenn !

Educated folks have spoken against this guy for years to no avail , in fact , it just fuels his bellyfire more . It turned out that all we had to do was wait for him to shoot himself in the foot .
Sorry , Glenn , we aren't laughing with you , we are laughing AT you . HAHAHAHAHA!


  1. I'm not defending Beck ... he's a fucking ass puppet who doesn't deserve the soapbox he's given. ...but Socialism IS a leftist idea ... god I just vomited a little in my mouth trying to say this ...the guest is right about that, but the link between liberal left, socialism and then to nazis that Beck makes insinuates isn't quite that simple.

    The logic there is terribly flawed, mostly because they're presenting the political spectrum as a linear entity when it's not, instead based on more of an actual sphere of political ideals. In the end, polar extremists on both sides end up much closer in ideology to each other than say a conservative republican and a liberal democrat.

    Beyond that, it's a matter of aligning not only cultural vs. economic, which is generally how the U.S. left-right debate is portrayed, but ALSO that of the individual vs. the community. What Beck fails to mention is that democracy itself is a left-central ideal in the scheme between fascism and anarchism; communism and individualism.

    In other words, he's not only comparing apples to oranges, he's presenting apples and calling them oranges.

    He also fails to make the point that while the nazis are national socialist german workers'party, they were actually just racist dickbags led by a monomanical freak. He equates socialism to racism and that's where he missteps. Socalism as an ideal, much like communism isn't necessarily evil or bad, but like with all machines, it depends who's at the wheel. Seriously as heniously fucked up as it sounds, if you read the points that the nazi party was founded on, which can be found here ... there's some pretty "left" stuff in there believe it or not ... nationalized trusts, equal rights for all germans, state provided jobs, education, housing and food, profit-sharing in big business, more pension for the old, strong government, common good vs. the individual etc. You just have to get past the ridiculously racist nationalist overtones, which you can't and that's why it's a completely unfair comparison to the current United States government.

    It's probably one of the saddest things about American politics to me ... there are so many viewpoints that get swallowed in a blanketing two-party system. No matter what the belief is, you're either left ...or right. With me or against me. It completely doesn't account for that twitchy-eyed asshole standing a few people over on your own side or the one standing directly opposed to him.

  2. Thank you . You have essentially hit on the head what I was trying to convey but what too exhausted to .


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