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Sunday, June 14, 2009

The ACLU Strikes Again

Everybody has heard of the American Civil Liberties Union and the causes they fight for and against . They market themselves as being for all kinds of personal freedoms and I support some things they support and some things they do just baffle me , but vive la difference ! They have their rights to have opinions and protest what they perceive as wrongs , just as you and I do . Where the ACLU and I tend to disagree boils down to giving rights to people whose actions should exclude them from the same freedoms as the decent . While I'm against people being brutalized , i don't believe prisoners should be entitled to the same degree of freedoms as those of us who don't flout the law.
I've been long wondering when the ACLU will cross the line with their political correctness , and I must say , that time is now .
In Barre , Vermont , a convicted scumbag named Chris Hagen was ordered to vacate his apartment because it is behind a playground and Barre has a Child Safety law preventing convicted sex offenders from living near places where children might be . The man's landlord even refused to make up a lengthy lease because Hagen had such a record and the landlord knew about the ordinance and even WARNED the guy about it , and of course , Hagen ignored the law. But , those fine folks at the ACLU seem to think the guy's rights are being violated because he's not allowed to live within 1000 feet of a playground . WHAT THE FUCK?! And now they are suing the STATE and it's going to be taxpayers who have to dole out money to deal with this ridiculous lawsuit . I mean , I know that the ACLU is anti-government , but this goes way out into left field .
Seriously , Chris Hagen deprived himself of the right to live where he chooses by committing crimes that society views as repulsive . I mean , come on - do you want shitheads living near your kid's playground or school ? What about protecting the law-abiding from the incorrigible? What about our rights?

I hereby sentence all sex offenders to live next-door to employees and supporters of the ACLU . Why not Chris Hagen , since the attention you have drawn to him means that he will likely never be able to live anywhere else.

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  1. Sex offense laws are kind of stupid and tricky in some states. Let's say you're out drunk one night and end up peeing somewhere in public before you go to the bathroom. A cop catches you, you are now a convicted sex offender. Yeah public urination can be a sex offense in some states. Another is say an 18 yr old has sex w/ his/her 17 yr old boyfriend/girlfriend, one of either of their parents finds out and prosecutes the 18 yr old for statutory rape, suddenly the 18 yr old is a sex offender. This actually happened to a friend of mine and it was stupid. Let's say take it one step further. In my home state if an adult (18 yrs+) takes of his/her shoes in a hotel room with a minor (anyone younger than 18 not related to the adult) this is considered statutory rape, thus again you are a convicted sex offender. When my brother had his 16th b-day party and my parents had me drive and supervise I made certain to keep my shoes on the entire time I was at the hotel supervising them (I was 20 at the time) b/c I knew that there are some very prejudiced folks out there with nothing better to do that would love throwing stupid charges at me. Regardless if those charges are beaten or not it still shows on your criminal record too, plus there's all the court time, etc. While if someone is inappropriate with children I think that person should be kept from ever being in contact with small children, not everyone that gets the title sex offender deserves it. What the ACLU should be fighting is the courts that label things like public urination and taking off your shoes in a hotel room a sex offense.


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