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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

If This Looks Like A Rug , You've Got Problems

The fellow to my left is the official animal of British Columbia , and he is not a Polar Bear . He is a fine example Ursus americanus kermodei , or a White Kermode Bear and he is severely endangered with less than 400 of his kind on the planet . The White Kermode , or Spirit Bear is a variant of the rare Black Kermode or Great Bear , and calls a small section of British Columbia's coastline it's home . About 1 in 10 Black Kermodes has a White cub . It is illegal to kill the white cubs but not the (still endangered) black bears that give birth to them . The Great Bear Rainforest is one of the most biodiverse places on the planet and the Canadian Government has taken some strides to save the forest itself , but trophy hunting for this unique animal not only continues , but is actively ENCOURAGED with kill quotas . The majority of outfitters have sold their hunting permits to environmental organizations and switched to eco-tourism with enormous profits , so this is not a financial issue whatsoever . 78% of BC residents believe that trophy hunting of Kermodes and Grizzlies should be stopped , but the countdown to extinction is on because , well , trophy hunting is "tourism" and permits are a way for the Conservative government to please the worst elements of American and German upper-crust society .

Now , I am not against the hunting of sustainable populations by rural and indigenous people for food and clothing . what I am against is an outfitter bringing up a bunch of rich Yankee assholes to shoot at point-blank range bear that have been baited just so microdicks can have a photo Op . Pro-"sport" groups claim that they are weeding out the weak , which is complete and utter BULLSHIT ; in fact , if they shoot a bear that isn't big enough to compensate for their teeny weenies or they accidentally kill a mother bear , they leave it to rot in the woods and pursue another "target" until they find one large enough for their egos .
Last time I checked , a "sport" involved two reasonably equal and consenting participants . These shitheads mount bearskins like they wrestled the beast to the death . If bears were chasing rednecks around in helicopters and on ATV's with 30-06es armed , THAT would be a sport - I'd PAY to watch that!

This manner of death without dignity is an insult to the beautiful animals and a statement of just how cruel "humans" can be . I am ashamed to share similar DNA to any being that could callously and greedily exploit another species to extinction.

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  1. Ugh this is just like the sharkers. Vanity is a crime against humanity.


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