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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Things That Make You Go Ewwwwwwwww - Again!

This is Conservative canadian political dipshit Doug Elniski , and while he won't ring a bell to 99% of the population , he really should .
Now , he has some opinions that are furthe rout into right field than a Canseco roid-bomber , but so do most of the uber-Christian politicos in alberta .

He has microblogged such dandy tweets as these Twitter gems "I'm surrounded by bumping and grinding lesbians wiatt 20 then send help " ;" now we get faced with gang bangers in the back room of a pasta joint? What happened to the car? Dude, where the hell is my car?" ;" Oops busted for walking while the speaker is talking" ; "if he calls me Han Solo does that make him chewbaca?" ;“trucker drag queen says hes a gear jammer likely” ; “i am certian that one is real those however i doubt” ; "bikini car wash 82 129 Ave. girls look cold." and hundreds more delights - several while he was IN the actual LEGISLATURE!!

OK , I get that the dude thinks he's a comedian , but he tweets up like he's Sandler sending weird messages to followers and other politicians alike while he's supposed to be debating , you know , taxes and human rights and all of the normal things MLA's are supposed to .
But , okay , why not let that slip? why not have a funnyman ?? The thing is , the dude blogs , too , and most of what he says is less than funny - some is just plain SICK!

He took down his blog on Monday and was made to apologize and explain that he's not sexist , which he clearly IS , but his blog sentiments lead me to think he's a fucking pervert!
Here's a couple dandies from a speech he claims to give to 13-15 year old girls ...
"Ladies, always smile when you walk into a room, there is nothing a man wants less than a woman scowling because he thinks he is going to get shit for something and has no idea what."
"Men are attracted to smiles, so smile, don't give me that 'treated equal' stuff. If you want Equal, it comes in little packages at Starbucks."

Everything i have written here is VERBATIM - every sexist , racist , homophobic and perverted word in all of it's grammatically incorrect glory . I understand freedom of speech , I really do , but I understand also that our politicians should be punished for being obviously incapable of higher reason .

Now , if YOU had a teenage daughter , would YOU be comfortable with a 6'7" dude in his 50's saying this to your little girls and then broadcasting it to the masses?


  1. Crap, and I thought the South had cornered the market on redneck politicians. He sounds like a real peice of work...does he have meat/jerky business cards by anychance?

  2. I really can't fathom the mindset of this dude. I mean I know there are smug bastards like this everywhere, but it still just boggles my min how anyone can be so retarded and proud of it.


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