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Wednesday, June 10, 2009


There is a lot of hatred going around , and everyone seems to love to pass the virus . A man was murdered today by a long-time white supremacist in DC and people are justifiably horrified and there are thousands of bloggers and news agencies reporting on the horror of hatred .
But what about people trained from birth to hate ? Are they really so damaged that they are immune from blame ? And do they really believe the terrible things they are taught ?
Yesterday in the Israeli-Palestinian town of Tuqu , this woman flipped her vehicle with her infant inside in a Arab area outside of a Jewish settlement . Some teenage Arab boys witnessed the crash and rushed toward the vehicle . Contrary to what they were taught , they broke the windows and rescued mother and child and summoned an Israeli Ambulance with zero delay and they were rushed to a local hospital . Was this a case of mistaken identity , did they think they were rescuing one of their own ? No , they recognized the plates and chose to put what they were taught on the back burner , contrary to preconceived notions of what we think Muslims would do . When scrutinized by the Pali media , Ahmad Sulaiman simply stated “Our human feelings were much bigger at that moment than the feelings of enmity and hatred which Israeli settlers provoke”
I think we could all learn something from these kids .

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  1. I'm so glad you posted this story. I didn't know about it and now I do and it warms my heart to read it. I lived in Isreal for a bit in the 70's so I know the culture and lifestyle and hate is taught from birth over there. I just couldn't see myself making a life there at that time and returned to Montreal. All that hate saddens me so to read about how those kids helped is so wonderful and hopeful to me. I don't want to ever lose hope. One person can make huge changes.


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