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Monday, June 29, 2009

Keep Your Jesus Off My Penis ?

Sometimes an old one is a good one... with all of the self-righteous pseudoreligiousity out there and it's inevitable and current downfall , we have to wonder sometimes what it is to have freedom of speech and freedom of faith . What gives any person a right to dictate THEIR faith as the absolute ? And what also gives atheists the right to dictate their lack of an external power to be the absolute?
Well , kids , nothing , but you - the voter ... what do YOU stand behind? Do you stand behind freedom of religion or from it and where does your political opinion rank with it?
I've heard from atheists lumped in with leftists who are quite conservative and the reverse - christians lumped in with rednecks and Black baptists allied with those that would hate them save for their faith .
so , kids , this is open forum time - where does your religion versus state divide lie ...and why? No judgment here - it's an open forum .
Hooray for us with the freedom to discuss...


  1. Let me satrt by saying I'm pretty much an agnostic. I really don't believe in God, or a higher power although I often wish I did.
    That said, I completely admire and respect those who do.
    Our county was built on freedom of religion. For all these years,we've been that great "melting pot" where people ideally didn't have to fear persecution for their beliefs. And, for years, with some clear exceptions, it worked for us.
    What I see now doesn't. It scares me. To me it seems society is turning against those of faith. We seem to resent, or even hate Jews more than ever before, witness the 20% downturn in support for Israel in this country alone since the current Administration.
    We have begun to see Christians spoken of as though they were all bigotted rednecks incapable of genuine compassion or rational thought.
    People of faith are being condemned for their beliefs...most recently observe the tidalwave of hate against Mormons during the Prop8 debate.Or against those who are pro-life after the murder of Dr Tiller.Conservative talk show hosts are mocked as they were public enemies, even though so much of what they said has come to fruition.
    While I do not feel that State should be guided or run by religion, I think it is important that we appreciate religion(s) and it's practitioners for their value. A society completely free of religious influence is generally a society without a solid moral compass.
    We should all be able to worship and express ourselves freely, but it seems like that's getting harder and harder to do.

  2. Thank you firelass 51 I so agree. I am a Christian and am tired of the anti Christian rhetoric and how we are being pictured as bigots and idiots. I would never believe a person has to believe the way I do and I respect what others believe. I am tired of the hate and murder done for their religions, but I won't compromise my beliefs and faith either. Thank you for having an open forum

  3. Although I agree with much of what both previous posts said I disagree with the statement that "A society completely free of religious influence is generally a society without a solid moral compass." I believe that societies should be based in compassionate logic & what is best best for the whole as opposed to what is best for the individual. Being that morals vary for each individual, I find it illogical to base a society in religion. Religions are beautiful ways for people to feel connected to God & find a like-minded community. Unfortunately, fear causes individuals to distort religions & turn them into weapons. I would rather my government use science, logic, & cost benefit analysis as the basis for their reasoning rather than morals. I would prefer to never hear speak of God outside of religious conversation as much as I would prefer to never hear speak of politicians outside of political conversation.


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