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Monday, June 22, 2009

Scumbag vs The Heroes

The boys and girls who work for the Metro Toronto Police Service do not exactly have the easiest jobs in the world . These hard-working cats serve a permanent population of over 5.5 million souls and you can add a couple million more on a busy weekend . While Toronto has a fairly peaceful reputation compared to cities like Vancouver and New York , crimes do indeed occur quite frequently , by virtue of a massive population and noticeable gang presence . Last night , those folks were busy - there were huge downtown crowds with extra-rowdy post-bar crowds , celebrities , gang members , criminals , and their victims . Now , apparently SOMEONE "assaulted" gossip wanker Litterbox Lavandiera and so he called up the MTPS for attention (I'm thinkin 51 division but I could be wrong) , but the Cops told him that they were busy going after the real kind of criminals and they didn't have time to deal with his bullshit - that's what happens when you cry wolf enough times . So , because these real-life heroes weren't biting , he turned to Twitter and LIED .
He claimed to be assaulted by from the Black Eyed Peas (a LIE) and that he was seriously injured (another LIE) and essentially begged for assistance . I'm not going to get into the he said-she said part of this because it misses the point.
Perez had his concerned readers hijack the Toronto 911 system for over an hour last night because he wasn't getting enough attention paid to him while real people were getting robbed , raped , and all that other scary shit that goes on in big places. At any given moment people are dying of heart attacks and accidents , kids and old folks are abused , people are in peril and the Emergency Services system is there to try and protect innocents from harm and save endangered lives . It does NOT exist to be part of an attention whore's narcissistic fucking stunt .

For putting lives in danger to satisfy your own ego and then going "I'm not REALLY Perez , I'm Mario " , you are the fucking WORST . I hope you are arrested for abusing the emergency Services System and if anyone was harmed because they couldn't get through to the Police or Ambulance they sue you . I AM anti-violence and I'm really PISSED at your selfish ASSAULT of taxpayers and crime victims. I am literally so angry right now I hope you get a shotgun and blow your fucking head off - actually , I take that back - I don't believe you need the publicity.


  1. He is so pathetic. EMS probably advised him thatthey would respond as soon as they could in that he did not have life threatening injuries, nor was he in any further danger. They prioritize calls based on that type of thing...silly, huh? When he didn't get the immediate response/attention he felt he deserved, he appealed to his minions on twitter to inundate Toronto's EMS system with God only knows how many calls for "help" on his behalf. I don't know how their system is set up, but at my old job at Tampa Fire(I work for PD now) we had to answer all incoming calls, so as we were trying to provide CPR instructions, child birth, stop bleed, etc, we would have had to be either trying to answer the other 911's and admin calls, or let them ring off the hook while we struggled to help out patient. Imagine the stress placed on those operators at a critical moment in someone who was having a real emergency and needing their help. I really hope that he can be charged criminally,that Will I am sues him for slander, and that people and celebrities will avoid him and boycott his site.

  2. Wow I really hope he lands in jail for a long time for this, I mean there is like attentionwhore and then there is holy shit that dude is fucking batshit insane. Perez is the latter.


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