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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Thank You , Sir

This is retired Canadian hero Robin Brentnall . Sgt . Brentnall risked his life for 22 years with our forces and recently authored a book on his adventures and experiences , both positive and negative , pulling zero punches while still maintaining a positive outlook . He was injured on the job and suffered a stroke and numerous hardships because of it . He was recently granted a Canada Pension recognizing that he is indeed disabled , but because of a bizarre clawback rule is designated to receive $1700 per month in pensions instead of the $2700 he is entitled to . So , instead of whining and sulking quietly , he very publicly mailed his medals to Gov.-Gen. Michaelle Jean to protest the government's mistreatment of disabled vets . Sgt. Brentnall made his life's mission to defend those who cannot speak up for themselves and he continues today . For your multi-level service to the world , Sir , I am honoured to have the opportunity to thank you.



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