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Monday, June 1, 2009

Hate By Any Other Name

Now , when people see images like this , the automatic generalization is that it's a shot of peckerwoods from backwoods Arkansas unleashing their hatred in a large U.S. city - we have been bombarded by images of lost , hateful kids from the southern states and would be justified in thinking that these wayward weirdos are American .
But , what if I told you that these Volk were the Aryan Guard and this is Calgary , Canada ?

For the first few years of high school , I lived a sideroad over from the original "Canadian League of Rights" HQ , just outside of the tiny town of Flesherton , Ontario. (the office is now based out of High River , AB) Ernst zundel and Ron Gostick lived there and published and circulated hundreds of versions of hate to the local kids , the majority of whom were of German and Dutch heritage . These kids , who were often victims themselves , wore Neo-Nazi and Viking symbols proudly to school with their red laces and suspenders and pretty much ran the place . Black farmers routinely had their livestock killed in gruesome ways and nobody cared . That is , until 1991 when a German teacher named Janis Keil was hired and started teaching the kids that all of the bullshit they were taught was just plain wrong . I moved in late '92 to another area , however , I picked up the toronto Star in later '94 and they had a rather prominent article on hatred and the teacher was front and centre , having honours bestowed upon her for changing the views of a half-generation of kids and putting the boots to Zundel and his ilk .

The idiots needed to move and find new people to help spread the hate , so they moved to Alberta , where they could find lots of Jews and immigrants to pick on and plenty of disenfranchised poorly-educated kids to do the dirty work for them . And they still do . The skins are a visual reminder of what a large majority of Canadians secretly believe - that different is evil , that the European is the superior race , that christianity should have dominion over even the Aboriginals , who were clearly here prior to them . And that hatred stretches coast to coast . As recently as last week , I have heard co-workers use terms like "nigger" , "chink" , "kike" , wetback" , "wagon burner " , "faggot" , and more . I've been directly addressed as "jew bitch" , "dyke" , "faggette" , "kike" , "nigger" (that's a puzzling but repeated one) , and others since I started working for this outfit , but I'm not going to let bullies push me out of a job I have worked hard for and neither should anyone else . My mother lived next to a Jewish cemetery in Kitchener , Ontario for years , and this place is still continually vandalized , likely by the same type of people who brick beat me when I briefly lived in that shithole . Only 1 in 10 hate crimes are reported because people are afraid , and there are more hate-related vandalisms , assaults , rapes , and murders than ever before . Not only is anti-semitism permitted , but actually ENCOURAGED by politicians , teachers , and entire Universities - even the news media has jumped on the bandwagon . Yes , folks , the nation promoted as being all-inclusive and liberal to outsiders may well be the most racist nation in the western world .

Before we insult Americans for their bigotries , we should look in our own backyard .

Oh , and that photo isn't from Droege's 90's , that was taken in March.


  1. This actually surprises me. My dad being of Mexican as well as Jewish heritage he got the pale skin so nobody knew. One of my mom's friends started in at dinner about "those damn lazy Mexicans" my mom mentioned how she was married to one and her friend was of course embarrassed, but who knows if she still secretly believes that. I would hear alot of shit growing up b/c most ppl assumed I was white, and not to say there isn't racism amongst every race. I knew alot of racist blacks, Jews, hispanics, asians, etc. But Canada always seemed like those friendly Manitoba commercials to me where ppl were just too laid back to get their panties bunched over something as trivial as race. This is sad.

    I do use offensive terms alot amongst my friends who will refer to me affectionately as Jewbag, kike, cunt, Faguette, etc, and of course I use these terms back. I like to think it take the power out, just like bitch isn't so offensive anymore. I think it really shows how uncreative the dogma is, oh spick, that's all you got to say to me, shit my friends call me that..y'know?

  2. Trust me , it's not affectionate . We've had dozens of non-white people quit over it.


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